What is SoopCheWon?

Its environmentally-friendly design is aimed at enhancing user safety and convenience and making facility management more efficient. At SoopCheWon, we offer customized programs for all ages and types.
It has been established to perform various functions such as improving people’s awareness about the importance and value of our forest and actualizing social unification.

※ This has been certified as a program and institution through the Korea Forest Service, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and Presidential Committee on Green Growth.


  • With more time for extracurricular activities and growing interest in forests, youth and the general public can get forest experience by working five days a week.
  • Youth and the general public are not allowed enough space and access to systematic education about forest.
  • We need nature-friendly facilities that provide specialized education and programs for youth and the general public to get various forest experience.
  • An active model needs to be proposed for a newly improved management of the existing youth training center and forest lodge


  • To provide a space and program where youth from urban areas can easily receive systematic education about the forest and trees
  • Our Green Education on forests and trees helps youth develop positive emotions, better understand forest, and raise awareness of forest preservation.
  • It provides the public with a place to hold various meetings, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences for related civic organizations, as well as to promote the forest.

Expected Outcome

  • Establish a foothold for new forest recreation culture, and provide experience-oriented education by breaking away from the traditional standardized and collective education of youth training facilities.
  • Provides youth with education and environmental awareness at environmentally-friendly facilities.
  • Provides minority groups including youth, the disabled and children without parents with opportunities to experience forests.
  • It is the first educational institution in Korea to adopt a qualification system for forest experience and focus on forest.
  • It is an energy-saving building that uses green materials such as alternative energy sources, sunlight, and timber produced in Korea.

Structure of the Organization

Customer Satisfaction Team
Forest Education Team


March 2015

Opened Chilgok Nanum

July 2014

Constructed Chilgok Nanum SoopCheWon

May 2014

Name changed to Chilgok Nanum SoopCheWon

March 2013

Ground-breaking ceremony

September 2012

Completed basic and enforcement plan

August 2011

Established basic plan

May 2011

Appointed Notice Recreational Forest (217ha)

October 2010

Mt. 73-13 Seonggok-ri, Seokjeok-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do selected as the business location

April 2010

Decided to create 「Forest of sharing benefits」 at a conference of Korea Forest Service